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Around the corner or across town, local news matters. And to help tell the stories that matter most to you, Black Press Media's 180 award-winning journalists are on the ground every day, in communities across Western Canada, sharing the information you need to make thoughtful, informed decisions.

These are the stories that hit close to home – and that typically affect you most directly.

A subscription to your local community news sites not only supports trusted local journalism in your community, it guarantees uninterrupted access to essential local news and impactful features. Stay informed of breaking news, explore award-winning independent journalism and learn something new about our city.

Choose from three subscription levels, available as monthly or annual plans

  • Standard – Digital access only: Enjoy access to 20 stories per month and breaking news alerts
  • Premium – Newspaper and Digital: Our most popular option, your premium subscription includes newspaper home delivery within a circulation area, unlimited digital access, breaking news alerts, faster website with fewer ads and a bonus digital subscription (same household), plus exclusive contests, annual $200 credit for birth, wedding and anniversary announcements, exclusive Black Press Media Editor Q&A, access to e-editions, expert insight delivered to your inbox and access to Today in B.C.
  • Premium Plus – Newspaper & Digital: Enjoy everything from the Premium subscription, plus a one-time poster of your birthday newspaper edition (from your birthday week), an annual $250 credit for birth, wedding and anniversary announcements.

All levels also include daily and provincial newsletters with all of the latest stories, and to keep things fun, crosswords and puzzles.

Subscribing is easy and you can cancel at any time: Just look for the grey circle icon in the top right corner of your local community news site, next to the red Newsletter Sign-up button, or click "News" on your publication's Navigation bar, then click "Subscribe."

Subscribe today and never miss a story!