Maple Ridge candidate to focus on ‘community safety’

Maple Ridge candidate to focus on ‘community safety’

Chelsa Meadus ran in 2014 election

A candidate from the 2014 Maple Ridge civic election has confirmed she’s running in this Oct. 20 election.

Chelsa Meadus said in a release Thursday that if she’s elected, she’ll focus on making a safe, livable community, where people can “work, live and play.”

“My first order of business will be to focus on the safety of our community,” she said. Maple Ridge needs, “to get back to a community policing approach, working with stakeholders, to find collaborative solutions,” said her news release.

She said that effort needs to be put into “building relationships and prevention” and said that if Maple Ridge returns “to a community approach to policing, we can do more to prevent crime and build relationships with those who need help.

“We can quickly impact positive change by putting some new directives in place, we need to set guidelines and values for our community, focus on our strengths while targeting behaviours.”

Another of her priorities is business development, adding that Maple Ridge must attract new business while supporting its existing businesses.

“If we don’t quickly right this ship, there will be no end to residential tax increases,” she said.

“We do not invest enough in our local businesses and as a result our local economy suffers. Neighbouring communities are thriving, while we fall behind.”

Meadus ran in the 2014 civic election, finishing only two spots out of a council seat and earning 3,712 votes.