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Plumber Near Me in Maple Ridge, BC

Whether you’re just moving to Maple Ridge BC or have been a long term resident in the area, you’re bound to require plumbing services at some point or another. If it’s to install your water heating system or to repair a broken tap- that’s where we come in handy. Waller Plumbing, a family-owned company that is renowned for its quality workmanship and customer-centric services. Our trained and specialized plumbers offer an honest and efficient service coupled with up-to-date practices and standards, allowing us to top Maple Ridge’s list of Plumbers and also to win over the confidence of our customers who remain loyal to us.

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No plumbing task is too big or too small for us, we treat every inconvenience that requires our attention with due respect. Just one call from your end and our expert team are already loading the truck with tools and materials to tackle your troubles. Tomorrow might be too late when it comes to repairing a ruptured pipe or de-clogging your drains, which is why we are at your service 24/7 for any plumbing emergency. Ignoring and putting off the need to tend to malfunctions in your water and drainage systems can cause some serious damage to your interiors, walls and floors. Call us now and bid adieu to these inconveniences for good. But why Waller Plumbing?

  • Professional and specialized plumbers with profound knowledge and skills that meet the highest standards in our field.
  • Implementation of the latest technologies and utilization of high-quality materials.
  • Upfront pricing before work begins so you know there aren’t hidden costs.
  • 24/7 residential plumbing availability, at your service at your most convenient time.

Plumber Maple Ridge – Emergency Plumbing Services

When you require service ASAP in Maple Ridge, with Waller Plumbing- you get it. Plumbing emergencies occur unwarned and can disrupt your schedule. Malfunctions in the toilet system, water heating issues and sewage system backups are not only nuisances but can prove fairly dangerous and therefore must be dealt with immediately. When you give us the emergency call, tackling your troubles becomes a priority in our schedule. Our plumbing experts arrive promptly, equipped with all the necessary material and will do whatever it takes to ensure safety and fix your issues for good, so you won’t have to worry about it for a very long time. Waller Plumbing agents are quick to detect malfunctions that lead to emergencies, device and implement effective, affordable and safe solutions to combat troubles in British Columbia. We even go the extra mile to offer advice for the maintenance of your water, air conditioning and drainage systems in order to avoid frequent plumbing emergencies.

Maple Ridge Water Heaters

A water heater breakdown can be daunting especially on a chilly winter day. Fortunately, Waller Plumbing offers various services to make sure you have uninterrupted access to hot water, such as;

  • Water heater tank installation

Choose from a variety of types and models, we’ve got a water heating solution to satisfy all your requirements.

  • Regular maintenance services

Over time hot water tanks are prone to sediment buildup and other malfunctions. Our maintenance plumbing service includes tank inspection and water filtration to avoid the sudden crash in your water heating system.

  • Repairs and replacements

Your water heater may call out for help by sending out signals including; tank leaks, inefficient heating, undersupply of hot water, rusty fittings and calcium and debris buildup.

  • Same day service

It may be difficult to even go a day without hot water, which is why we render our best efforts in getting your hot water system up and running within 24 hours.

Maple Ridge Drain Cleaning

Stop letting your money ‘go down the drain’ by investing in store bought drain cleaning products or unprofessional cleaning services, you are most likely going to require the services of a professional plumber sooner than later. Stubborn drain clogs, drain pipe leaks and other drain issues can be quite destructive, especially when the wastewater from your drain overflows into your surrounding/home and therefore it would be wise to let the plumbers tend to such troubles professionally. We utilize state-of-the-art equipment and provide efficient drain plumbing services such as drain pipe restoration and excavation, drain cleaning and repiping.

Maple Ridge Water Damage

More often than not, your plumbing system can cause havoc and disrupt your busy schedule by resulting in:

  • Leaks- big and small
  • Water supply system malfunctions
  • Hot water tank failure
  • Drainage system backups

These setbacks cause serious water damage to your surroundings in the form of flooding, mould formation on walls, damage to furniture and electric appliances and more seriously, health risks. At Waller Plumbing our 24/7 Emergency team is at your service in minimizing the damages to a zero, restoring your surroundings and upgrading your plumbing system to promote greater levels of efficiency, to ensure that your plumbing doesn’t let you down again. We also offer affordable packages for inspection and maintenance that we recommend for the prevention of calamities due to plumbing drawbacks.

Maple Ridge Pipe Restoration & Excavation

The purpose of Pipe restoration is to repair worn out, aging pipes that involves fixing leaks, replacing corroded fixtures and fastening loose joints while excavation is the process of digging and trenching to access the pipes connected to the sewer and thereafter repairing/replacing them. Professionals like Waller plumbing who are in the pipe restoration/excavation business choose from various restoration and excavation techniques such as:

  • Epoxy coated pipe restoration
  • Pipe bursting using hydraulic mandrel
  • Sewer lining
  • Grouting or chemical sealants
  • Slip-lining
  • CIPP/ Cured-in-place-pipe
  • Open-top excavation

Our experts decide on which method to employ based on factors like the seriousness of the damage, cost effects, long-term benefits and efficiency.

Why should you restore your pipes?

Due to advances in technology pipe restoration isn’t time consuming, mess causing and expensive any more. As pipelines age, they constantly require repairs due to an increase in malfunctions. Trust Waller Plumbing with your Pipe restoration and you’ll have a job well done.

Maple Ridge Sewer Cleaning & Repair

Sewer disruptions can result from rusty pipelines, obstructions from tree roots and grease buildup. A sudden reeky odor in the vicinity of your sewer or bubbling noises when you flush your toilet, could be warnings that your sewer requires cleaning or repair. Such warnings require immediate attention or could result in disastrous outcomes such as pipe ruptures or wastewater gushing back into your homes. Waller plumbing is your go-to plumbing service hub that’ll deep clean, repair and restore your sewer system. Our sewer line repairing service consists of a step-by-step approach consisting of:

  • Investigating and assessing the root cause of the damage.
  • Video scope to aid in discovering the source of the issue.
  • Cleaning and de-clogging drains and pipelines that are connected to the sewer.
  • Removing obstructing tree roots and repairing/replacing ruptured pipes and other related repairs.

We also provide maintenance services where our experts will inspect your sewer routinely to determine potential issues and implement solutions so you don’t have to fret about sewer line complications any more.

Maple Ridge Water Pressure Problems

When you finally get down to doing the dishes and you realize your tap is just giving out dribbles of water rather than the usual fast flowing spray, meaning that now it’ll take longer to do the dreadful dishes. Water pressure problems can affect your life in more than one way and is usually caused by:

  • Increased demand for water
  • Corroded or poor quality fixtures
  • Clogged pipelines
  • Pressure regulator issues
  • Closed shutoff valve

It isn’t everybody’s cup of tea to be able to determine the underlying cause of water pressure problems and there’s where Waller Plumbing can lend more than a hand. From unearthing the root cause and proceeding with the necessary repairs and replacements, Our 24/7 team is all in to get your showerheads and faucets shooting out water with the right amount of force so you can get on with daily tasks like laundry and long showers without low water pressure being your foe.

Maple Ridge Sink Repair

Sinks are one of the most frequently used fixtures in all our settings, be it the kitchen or the washroom and due to all the waste water and grease that pass through it’s pipelines, you may start noticing signs of malfunction. Depending on the nature of the malfunction you may need to repair or replace your sink. While most plumbing issues are repairable, instances where there are deep cracks, corroded sink fittings, unpleasant stains or a bathroom/kitchen renovation may call for the replacement of your sink.

Waller Plumbing is your accomplice in handling all services related to your sinks such as:

  • Plumbing
  • Water Line Repair
  • Clogged Drain
  • Leaky Faucet
  • Frozen Pipes

We are equipped with premium quality, up-to-date sink fittings and our expert sink plumbers provide an efficient and trustworthy service so you can rest assured. Call Waller Plumbing for all your plumbing needs, any day and we’ll take care of all your sink repair and restoration requirements in the maple ridge area.

Maple Ridge Repiping

Repiping essentially involves removing all pipelines running through your house/building and replacing them with new ones. You may consider or be advised by Waller plumbing agents to undergo repiping based on factors such as:

  • Corroded pipes- if your house/building is pretty old it is most likely that your pipes are worn-out and require urgent replacements.
  • Rusty coloured water/ strange tasting- if the water that is running out of your taps is tinged red/brown or has an unusual taste it is probably not safe for consumption and calls for a pipeline examination/replacement.
  • Leaky pipelines- as your pipelines age, it isn’t unusual for your pipes to leak. It may occur due to pressure or a weak pipeline system.
  • Poor water pressure- leaks can also result in poor water pressure. You may also experience a lower supply due to debris and mold buildup.

When you hire Waller plumbing for repiping you can expect more than just pipe replacements. On request we can renew your: hose connections, sink valves, water supply lines, main shut off systems and more.

Maple Ridge Drain Line Cleaning

Many times commercial drain cleaning liquids or using a simple plunger may not completely alleviate the issues concerning clogged drains and therefore require professional drain line cleaning. Waller Plumbing offers drain line cleaning services that are functional and cost effective.

Why drain cleaning isn’t a DIY job:

  • Plunging can only be a short-term solution. Waller drain cleaning experts employ efficient technologies such as the Hydrojet or snaking mechanisms.
  • The utilization of store bought cleaners is hazardous and harmful to the environment.
  • The organic waste that passes through drain lines often gives out nasty odors. Let professionals from Waller Plumbing take care of those swampy stinks once and for all by giving your drains the required attention.

It may sound wise to try and cost-cut by treating drain clogs yourself, but by not giving it the appropriate treatment, you might be unintentionally doing more harm than good. Waller Plumbing promises affordable solutions. Get a free quote today!

Frequently asked questions about Maple Ridge Plumbing

  • What are some of the most common reasons people call a plumber?

Clogged pipes and drains, leaks, heat pump, air conditioning, water pressure problems and inefficient tankless water heaters are the most experienced plumbing problems by the residents of the Maple Ridge area.

  • Are there plumbers in Maple Ridge BC v2x and surrounding areas who offer their services after working hours?

Yes, Waller Plumbing is at your service 24/7, anytime, any day. Call us and we’ll be at your door in no time.


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