Vehicle breakins bother businessman

Trades truck hit five times in a year in west Maple Ridge

John McKeown likes the place where he lives and works.

It’s just the last 12 months the petty crime at his west Maple Ridge home has him doing a slow boil.

“I don’t know what I can do. I’m living in fear.”

Since he moved to his house 124A Avenue and 203rd Street last March, his truck and trailer have been broken into five times and his garage entered once, after leaving it unlocked, leading to the theft of his motorcycle, which he later recovered.

McKeown runs a pressure-washing business and has learned that his trades truck and trailer have become a magnet for thieves.

Pressure washers have been stolen, along with ladders and tools and just last weekend, the locks were punched in again on his truck.

That disabled the vehicle forcing him to find another truck so he could get to his customers.

He hears the same stories from the various businesses he serves.

“I cannot believe that all my customers have a story to tell about crime in their neighbourhood.”

McKeown has called police several times. They attended three times when he said he had video images of the culprits. When his trailer was broken into Feb. 27, police showed up a few days later to look at the images but he hasn’t heard back since.

“I just don’t see a whole lot of interest, period.

“This past weekend, I got broken into again.”

He’s also worried about his dad who’s got health problems and is alone in the house during the day.

He added that crime seems to have jumped in the area since the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics. “They sent them all out this way.

“There’s got to be something done here.”