A 16-year-old girl was sexually assaulted during a rave at a house on Harris Road in Pitt Meadows in September 2010.

A 16-year-old girl was sexually assaulted during a rave at a house on Harris Road in Pitt Meadows in September 2010.

12-month probation for teen charged in Pitt Meadows rave

The 18-year-old boy who took photographs of an alleged rape at a Pitt Meadows rave must also write an essay and letter of apology

A teenager who pleaded guilty to distributing photographs of 16-year-old girl allegedly being raped at a Pitt Meadows rave was sentenced to 12 months probation Friday in Port Coquitlam Provincial Court.

The teen, who cannot be named because of his age, must also write an essay on the dangers of social media and a letter of apology to the victim.

“As much as [the teen] would want to turn back time and take back what he has done, the reality of life is such that he cannot undo what he has done,” Judge Pedro De Couto said before handing down the sentence.

The harm done to the victim’s reputation, her good name and her self-confidence by the “thoughtless acts” of this young person has significantly scarred her, the judge added.

Initially charged with producing and distributing child pornography, the boy pleaded guilty in December to the lesser charge of distributing obscene material.

Police allege the teenage girl was sexually assaulted at “Another Night in Bangkok,” a party held on a farm at 12993 Harris Rd. on Sept. 10, 2010.

The teen, who was 17 at the time, admitted he took photographs and a video on his Blackberry of what he thought was consensual sex and sent it to others.

He told the court he took the photographs because he thought his friends would never believe what he had seen.

The images were eventually posted by others on the social-networking site Facebook and repeatedly shared online, prompting RCMP to make a public appeal to stop their distribution.

Now 18, the young man is currently in university, pursuing studies in commerce and business administration.

“By all accounts, he is intelligent and capable and there is no reason to expect he will fall short of achieving the goals he has set for his life,” said Judge De Couto, noting the teen had matured and shown remorse for the crime.

The teen has four months to complete the 1,500 word essay and must return to court later this year for a performance review.

“I expect a real essay,” said Judge De Couto, looking sternly at the teen.

“You are intelligent and capable and I expect a proper university level essay.”

Outside court, the teenage girl’s father expressed his disappointment with the sentence.

“Out of all of the charges laid, this was the most damaging. It did not allow my daughter the privacy and the time to heal,”  he said.

“If he is so remorseful, as the judge thinks he is, why didn’t he get up and why didn’t he want to face us and say he is sorry? To me, that would have gone a long way.”

The young girl missed a year of school following the incident. She is currently studying at home and hopes to graduate with her peers.

The teenage boy was the first of three people to face charges following the rave.

The others accused case go to trial later this year.

Colton Ashton McMorris, 19, will be tried on one count of sexual assault, while Dennis John Allen Warrington, 20, faces charges of making child pornography and intending to distribute it.