Busy time at polling place in Maple Ridge as hours tick down

Busy time at polling place in Maple Ridge as hours tick down

Polls close at 7 p.m. in Canada’s 43 election

Business was brisk Monday afternoon at the Golden Ears United Church on Dewdney Trunk Road and 222nd Street, with just a few hours left in voting in the 43rd Canadian federal election.

People walked into the polling station with purposeful looks with hopes and expectations that spanned the political spectrum.

“I’m hoping for a Conservative government,” said Ty Davison, after voting. Taxes and spending are the main issues, he added.

But Sarah Hossack said she voted NDP. “I really like everything that (leader) Jagmeet Singh stands for, him and the Bloc Quebecois.” She added she’s a long-time NDP supporter and said that she liked how Singh responded to being racially harassed by a woman at a meeting earlier this year. “He handled it with a lot of class. We need more of that in the election process,” Hossack said.

Sarah Hossack said NDP leader adding class to election. Phil Melnychuk/THE NEWS

Robert Turcotte supports NDP. Phil Melnychuk/THE NEWS

Melissa Bragenstroth said she voted Liberal last time but didn’t do so this time, even though she liked the Canada Child Benefit brought in by the Liberals, “Because we still have to be able to pay for everything,” she added.

Robert Turcotte said he was annoyed because he knew the NDP were not going to win adding that he was tired of (Liberal leader Justin) Trudeau’s talk. “I haven’t voted for so long, but thought if I don’t, how can anything change? I’ve heard better things out of the NDP.”

Other voters shared a range of opinions. “It’s a very tight election. I’m not a Trudeau fan, I’ll leave it at that,” said one.

“We’ll see who wins. It will be interesting,” said another.

“I just don’t want the Conservatives to win because I’m female and I think I have the right to do with my body what I want,” said another.

“I hope the Liberals don’t win,” said one voter.

“I want the Liberals to win,” said another.

People were choosing from a list of six candidates in Pitt Meadows-Maple Ridge.

Those candidates are Bryton Cherrier, People’s Party of Canada, Marc Dalton, Conservative, Ariane Jaschke, Green, John Mogk, NDP, Steve Ranta, independent, and Dan Ruimy, Liberal.


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