Candidate for mayor’s chair rides Harleys

Becker just returned from a 10-day road trip to Sturgis, South Dakota

From John Becker’s Facebook page and Twitter feed, you can tell he loves motorcycles.

He’s seated proudly on his chrome blue Harley in a profile picture.

So it shouldn’t shock many that Becker lists Sonny Barger – a founding member of the Oakland, Calif. chapter of the Hell’s Angels Motorcycle Club and author – as one of his interests. The B.C. Liberal Party, Meadowridge School, Gordon Campbell, RE/MAX Realty and Randy Kamp are the others.

“Motorcycling has been my singular therapy now for some decades and I can respect the free spirit in anyone while distancing myself from their extra-curricular activities,” said Becker, when asked about his Facebook profile.

His interest in the biker outlaw piqued after someone gave him an autographed copy of Barger’s autobiography, Hell’s Angels.

“I did do some research on the fellow and found that I like his history as a motorcyclist,” said Becker.

“His criminal involvement and the Hell’s Angels component – not so much.”

Becker just returned from a 10-day 5,000 kilometre road trip to Sturgis, South Dakota, which hosts one of the world’s largest motorcycle events.

He has made the trek annually for the past 11 years, only taking a break in 2007 when his wife Terry was diagnosed with breast cancer.

“I go down myself because I can’t convince my friends that 400 miles a day on a motorcycle is something that their middle-aged backsides can handle,” he said, with a laugh.