Claus Andrup

Claus Andrup has been a vocal critic of Maple Ridge council for the past few years

  • Nov. 8, 2011 3:00 p.m.
Claus Andrup

Claus Andrup

Name: Claus Andrup

Age: 62

Occupation: Businessman

Facebook: MapleRidgeMatters

Q1. What have you personally achieved, or what initiative have you personally led in recent years that qualifies you to be elected or re-elected as a Maple Ridge councillor?

1: By taking on a volunteer role in the SmartGrowth on the Ground initiative in November 2003, I believe I have helped Maple Ridge move forward in its drive to create a vibrant, viable, and livable downtown.

As a vocal critic among those of us who railed against the state of affairs at Northumberland Court, I helped work towards cleaning up Fraser Street and its environs. Lots more to do, mind you.

As treasurer of the Maple Ridge Historical Society, I instituted the reorganization of the society’s accounting system that led to the ability of that organization to achieve Registered Canadian Charity status.

At one point, the Maple Ridge Heritage Commission became moribund and I, and a small group, brought it back to life.

To the same end, I worked with the economic development department in its early stages in its efforts to create and retain jobs in Maple Ridge. I was a member at large with the economic advisory commission.

Q2. Provide two examples of council’s actions over the past three years and explain why or why not you support them.

2. I believe that council has mishandled the application for the exclusion from the ALR of certain parts of the Albion flats, north of Lougheed Highway. Council ignored the district staff and consultant’s report and recommendations. If we are going to engage public opinion – via a $100,000 public process – then it is beholden on council to accept the outcome.

Readers may recall that numerous council members made a fuss over the fact that they were not going to meddle in the Albion process. As it happened, they saved their meddling right up until the end, when council crafted its own so-called plan for the Albion flats and submitted that to the ALC. This was an insult to the taxpayers and to the participants. I did not agree with the Jackson Farm decision, as I draw the line for further urban development at 240th Street.

Q3. Do you support the 13-per-cent increase (over three years) in councillor’s salaries approved last summer? Why or why not? Explain what you would do if elected.

3. I did not and do not support the recent salary increase for council. Who on earth gets a 13-per-cent wage increase? Council and mayor are more than well enough compensated. Council is neither a career nor a club. I will support a decision to roll back the original decision, if I am asked to.