Cops clamp down on summer speeders

Ridge Meadows RCMP committed to making roads in Maple Ridge and Pitt Meadows as safe as possible

Cops clamp down on summer speeders

Ridge Meadows RCMP will be ramping up traffic enforcement as the summer holiday season reaches its peak.

“More cars on the road can result in some delays, or traffic congestion that doesn’t happen at other times of the year,” said Const. Mike Moore with Ridge Meadows traffic section.

“This can cause a motorist untold frustration, and can lead to unsafe driving practices.”

Sudden turns, failing to signal, or yield the right of way, speeding and running traffic lights are a leading cause of traffic accidents.

It’s not only drivers being targeted, police will also be on the look out for pedestrians and cyclists who flout the rules.

“Ridge Meadows RCMP commit to making our roads as safe as possible.”

Wearing earphones to listen to music while biking or walking often interferes with a person’s ability to hear an approaching vehicle.

Police will also be setting up more road blocks to nab drunk drivers.

“Expect to see Ridge Meadows RCMP out on local roads during the summer,” Moore added.

“Police will have CounterAttack road checks, patrols, and plain clothes foot operations that are all aimed at overall road safety. Last, but not least, ensure the driver is not impaired in any way.”

“If your summer activities involve alcohol, plan ahead for a safe ride home,” said Kate Woochuk, a ICBC road safety coordinator. “Arrange a designated driver, call a taxi or take transit. Share the responsibility of being the designated driver this summer to help your friends and family get home safely.”