Councillor endorses John Becker for Pitt Meadows mayor

Couns. Janis Elkerton and David Murray are also backing Becker, a lawyer and former councillor

  • Oct. 2, 2014 1:00 p.m.

A third sitting city councillor is endorsing John Becker for mayor of Pitt Meadows.

Bruce Bell officially announced last week that he will be seeking a third term on Pitt Meadows council, stressing that taxes and transportation should be the council’s primary focus.

“We need to have a closer look at what we are spending our tax dollars on,” said Bell. “The current proposed 24 per cent tax increase over the next five years is not on, in my view. I support a zero per cent tax increase for 2015 and I think that it is doable.”

Bell is the third incumbent to declare his support for Becker, a former city councillor who ran unsuccessfully for the top position in 2011.

Couns. Janis Elkerton and David Murray are also backing Becker, a lawyer.

Bell served with Becker from 2009 to 2011.

“We need someone at the helm with business experience and leadership ability,” Bell added. “A mayor needs to have the skills and ability to keep council moving forward in a positive direction.”

Bell understands that there will be varying views and opinions on council and believes Becker’s training as a mediator will help council move past roadblocks.

“The mayor needs to be able to manage and work with the different views and opinions on council,” said Bell. “A mayor needs to look for consensus on issues by listening and then provide leadership as needed.”

Michael Hayes and Gary Paller will also run for mayor. The nomination deadline is Oct. 10.