Kanaka Creek path is littered with doggie bags. (Contributed)

Kanaka Creek path is littered with doggie bags. (Contributed)

Doggie-do piles up at trail side in Maple Ridge park

Metro Vancouver parks crews have to fish it out

Metro Vancouver crews regularly keep the parks theyrun neat and tidy. In Kanaka Creek Regional Park in Maple Ridge, clean-up duties involve fishing out dozens of plastic dog waste bags that have been tossed to the side of the trail.

The Kanaka Education and Environmental Protection Society posted a picture in its Facebook group Wednesday showing the doggie-do bags that pet owners have tossed into the tall grass and bramble.

People also complained about that, but pointed out there are no garbage bins to collect the waste.

However, Ross Davies, with KEEPS, said there are cans throughout the park, although another commenter noted the cans are too far and few between.

“Who goes to the trouble of scooping up their dog’s poop, only to fling it into the trees or brush …?” asked one.

People also note the bags get caught in the trees.

Metro Vancouver says that some parks have designated bins, septic tanks and even dog toilets, and that people should pick up their dog waste and put it into garbage cans, at a minimum.

It also recommends several options to dealing with dog waste at home, such as flushing it down the toilet (without the plastic bag), or composting in the back yard, or double-bagging and putting it in the curbside garbage.