Drug dealer gets five years for rape

Crown: 'Victim demonstrated great courage and strength to come forward'

A drug dealer who raped and held a woman captive in Maple Ridge will spend the next five years in prison.

Victor Joseph Reis, who was convicted of sexual assault and unlawful confinement in September, still maintains his innocence.

“There is much work to be done to bring to Mr. Reis that this conduct is unacceptable,” Justice Terry Schultes said while sentencing the 42-year-old non Friday.

The court heard the 38-year-old victim was on a drug binge Aug. 22, 2008 and met Reis after she purchased heroin from another dealer at Northumberland Court, a notorious downtown Maple Ridge townhouse complex known widely as “The Ghetto.”

She ended up in Reis’ basement suite, where she was raped repeatedly, forced to perform oral sex, as well as threatened with a small metal baseball bat and sword.

She said Reis angled the blade of the sword against her neck as if he were going to cut off her head.

She was afraid she was going to die.

He tied her hands with a TV or VCR cable and also used it to tie her hair in a pony tail.

He also fired a paintball gun, showed her a pellet gun and a photograph of himself posing with Hell’s Angels.

She described him as “psychotic.”

Between rape episodes, he sometimes calmed down and told her about his personal life. He even read to her from a book about pit bulls.

When he fell asleep the victim said she was too scared to leave. She finally escaped when a man she was acquainted with knocked on Reis’ door.

Reis claimed the sex was consensual.

During a trial, Reis declared the woman was lying, “delusional”, “completely nuts” and a “good actress.”

A psychiatrist assessed Reis as a moderate to high risk to re-offend. During the assessment, Reis repeatedly mentioned his ties with organized crime and the wealth he had accumulated by selling illegal drugs.

“Victor Joseph Reis terrified, terrorized, and traumatized the victim,” Crown prosecutor Winston Sayson said following the sentence.

“The victim demonstrated great courage and strength to come forward and testify about her ordeal. Reis’ crime is an affront not just to the victim and her family, but to all women. The five-year jail sentence is an apt denunciation by the court of this vile, vicious, and violent sexual assault.”

Besides five years in a federal penitentiary, Reis received a no-contact order with the victim and her family, as well as a 10-year firearms prohibition and has been registered as a sex offender.