Eagle healed, released over Pitt Lake

Found in March with broken wing

An eagle

An eagle

An eagle found in Pitt Meadows on the brink of death in March was set free on Sunday after spending two months in a rehabilitation centre.

The four-year-old young adult, nicknamed Eddie by the man who found him, soared over Pitt Lake and joined two other eagles before perching on a tree.

“He’s about the most beautiful bird I’ve ever seen,” said Laura McDougall, a Maple Ridge resident who volunteers with Orphaned Wildlife Rehabilitation Society (OWL) in Delta.

The eagle was found on March 14 with a broken wing by a man walking his dog near a wildlife observation deck at Pitt Lake.

Staff at OWL believe the bird had been on the ground for almost two weeks because the wing bones were partially healed.

“He was maybe two days from death,” McDougall added.

“I felt absolute joy to see him go.”

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