Election 2014: Magri runs on environment

Scott Magri is running for a position on Pitt Meadows council in the Nov. 15 municipal election.



Scott Magri’s work on his pet project – rehabilitating Katzie Slough – has led him to a broader interest in local politics.

He is running for a councillor’s position in Pitt Meadows in the Nov. 15 municipal election.

The 46-year-old has lived in Pitt Meadows for 40 years, and wants to see anglers casting their lines again in Katzie Slough, and for farmers to have clean water for irrigation.

“I want to be able to restore that to what it was when I once fished it,” he said. “It has deteriorated. It’s in terrible condition, and it needs to be addressed.”

He would like to see the city run environmental programs to educate children about the local ecology, and the importance of protecting it.

Magri also sees a concern in making sure that the pumps along the slough are well maintained, and in particular sees the Kennedy Pump Station as needing an upgrade in the near future.

“If those pumps pack it in, Pitt Meadows is under water,” said Magri.

On a day-to-day basis he observes ways that he believes Pitt Meadows could be improved, or money saved.

“For 18 years I’ve worked for CP Rail as a car man, doing repairs and maintenance, and everything is all about efficiency.”

He sees contracted workers doing sidewalk repairs, and asks himself “Why aren’t our guys (city workers) doing that?”

He hears ambulances going through the community, and wonders why a car can’t be stationed in Pitt Meadows, to cut down on response times compared with when they are dispatched from Maple Ridge.

He sees vehicles circling downtown, looking for parking, and wonders why there can’t be more spots created by using angle parking, as he sees on the main drag in New Westminster.

And he wants to look at the tendering process at city hall, to make sure taxpayers are getting the most bang for their buck.

“I like taking something that’s not running right, and making it work.”