The grocery store on Dewdney Trunk Road is closing Aug. 13.

The grocery store on Dewdney Trunk Road is closing Aug. 13.

Extra Foods going No Frills in Maple Ridge

Maple Ridge store will remain a union shop.

Extra Foods in Maple Ridge is closing on Aug. 13, and will be re-opening as a No Frills this fall.

A store spokesperson said the building will be renovated in the interim.

Both grocery store chains are operated by Loblaws, but there are only about 29 Extra Foods stores, most in western Canada, while there are 247 No Frills stores across the country.

No Frills will offer similar products, including the company’s own President’s Choice and No Name brands.

The 75 employees of Extra Foods were on strike for three and a half years. They fought to keep their pay, going from an average of approximately $20 per hour with benefits, to a new pay grade that would top out at $11.90 per hour with no benefits. The labour strife ended in April of 2012, with employees getting a small increase in pay under a new contract.

Some employees are staying as it now converts to a No Frills store, while others have chosen not to.

The store will remain a union shop, and United Food and Commercial Workers Union officials had no comment about the conversion to No Frills.

The store is scheduled to re-open on Nov. 15.