The Fraternal Order of Eagles wants  improved safety without destroying the old growth trees on Fern Crescent.

The Fraternal Order of Eagles wants improved safety without destroying the old growth trees on Fern Crescent.

Fern Crescent scenic, but is it safe?

Not a ‘high crash’ area, according to Ridge Meadows RCMP.

A local service club with a hall nearby wants safety improved on the scenic start of Fern Crescent that leads to Golden Ears Provincial Park.

“We wanted the municipality to take a look at a way of improving the safety in the area because we’ve had several vehicles go out of control and land in our parking lot,” said Eric Phillips, with the Fraternal Order of Eagles in Maple Ridge.

The service club’s Eagle’s Hall is located just across 132nd Avenue where it intersects with Fern Crescent.

Westbound vehicles that don’t safely negotiate the ‘S’ turn could end up on the other side of the road.

Phillips said he dropped letters off to Maple Ridge municipal hall, as well as to Ridge Meadows RCMP in November, but has heard from neither.

“There’s been no response from the district, whatsoever.”

He was only reminded of the issue when Coun. Corisa Bell raised a similar topic about road safety at Tuesday’s council meeting after a collision between a female cyclist and Jeep farther east along Fern Crescent on April 18.

The cyclist suffered serious injuries and was airlifted to hospital by B.C. Air Ambulance and was reported to be in serious but stable condition.

Phillips said the club would like enforcement of the 30 kilometre-per-hour limit in the area or some safety improvements without destroying the scenic surroundings.

“They come around there well in excess of 30 kilometres per hour. In the summer, it’s quite a rat race out of there.”

A crash can happen if someone runs the stop sign at the intersecting 132nd Avenue.

“What we suggested is they put a stop sign on Fern Crescent.”

Perhaps 132nd Avenue could be widened on the north side, he said.

“What we want is safety improved without destroying the old growth trees.”

Mayor Ernie Daykin said traffic volume could ease once Larch Avenue is connected, allowing residents from homes above in Silver Valley another way out without using 236th Street and 132nd Avenue.

Ridge Meadows RCMP say the intersection isn’t considered a high-crash area.