Screen shot from Coun. Chelsa Meadus’ video. Mayor Mike Morden voted in favour of her motion.

Screen shot from Coun. Chelsa Meadus’ video. Mayor Mike Morden voted in favour of her motion.

Former Maple Ridge mayor critical of councillor’s online post

Daykin says Meadus’ video showed disrespect to council colleagues

Former Maple Ridge Mayor Ernie Daykin wrote city council to complain about a video posted to social media by Coun. Chelsa Meadus, asserting it must contravene the city’s council conduct bylaw.

Meadus had put a motion before council intended to open the city’s recreation facilities to everyone – including those who have not been vaccinated. The motion asked that Mayor Mike Morden put the request to the minister of health.

Councillors Ahmed Yousef and Gordy Robson voted against the motion. Robson argued a public health issue should not be decided by a city council, and Yousef said that the motion is too late – public health orders to address COVID were already being scaled back.

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Meadus created a video, using the recording of the council meeting, and her own animations, and posted it to Youtube with a link to her Facebook page. It shows the debate, with her personal embellishments.

It drew the ire of Daykin, who said it showed a “lack of professionalism and respect for two fellow councillors.”

“And how does that line up with the council Code of Conduct?” he asked. “I expect more from my city councillors.”

Daykin said Coun. Gordy Robson, and possibly Coun. Kiersten Duncan have been subjected to council discipline under the code of conduct, and been removed from their committee assignments and will not act as deputy mayor.

Robson has filed a BC Supreme Court petition asking to have the city censure against him, quashed.

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Daykin said he did not have a problem with Meadus’ motion itself, only her response to opposing viewpoints.

He noted that although his questions were addressed to the mayor and council, he received a response from the CAO’s assistant. The city found no fault with the video.

Daykin said council should show more consistency in its application of the council conduct bylaw.

Meadus said the city found his complaint unwarranted.

“I suspect Mr. Daykin is more upset at my request for the province to open up recreation facilities to all citizens, and this was his way to express that by trying to shut off my method of communication,” she said.

“I respect all opinions on the matter, however my job is to represent all citizen concerns and this one needed to be addressed, especially with the changes we have seen in our community and country with respect to COVID.”

She said B.C. is holding onto restrictions longer than other provinces, and is not giving citizens an end date for the vaccine mandates.

“I can appreciate this is a sensitive subject, however I stand by my motion to provide equality to all citizens and allow them access to the facilities they pay for,” she said. “As a former leader himself I’m sure Mr. Daykin can appreciate this.

“Unfortunately some people in the community will try to target me for speaking out and I accept that. I guess sometimes it is surprising when it comes from a former politician who should understand the importance of listening and representing all people equally.”

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