Get ready for summer road works

  • Jun. 15, 2011 1:00 p.m.
Get ready for summer road works

Get ready for a few traffic delays in Pitt Meadows this summer as crews begins to dig up pavements to lay down new roads and water lines.

The city will begins its $2.1 capital works program at the end of the month and expects work to continue until the end of September.

Engineering services coordinator Ike De Boer said the biggest project for this year and the one that’s most likely to cause traffic headaches is the repaving planned for Old Dewdney Trunk Road.

“The contractors haven’t decided whether they are going to do it at night yet,” he added.

“But it will go fairly quickly. It’s just the traffic we have to worry about.”

Crews will be stripping the road’s top surface and replace it with two inches of new asphalt.

Contractors hired to do the work will try to keep disturbances to a minimum and residents in the area will be notified in advance of planned work.

De Boer reminds motorists to slow down and follow the instruction of traffic controllers.



• repaving Old Dewdney Trunk;

• repaving Ladner Road;

• repaving Neaves Road;

• repaving and upgrades to Baynes Road;

• repairs to the Harris Road bridge;

• repaving Bonson Road;

• repaving Blakely Road;

• installing curb bulges to Advent Road at 190th Street.



• Baynes Road watermain;

• 193 Street watermain upgrade;

• a new watermain from 141st Avenue to Rippington Road.