GETI Fest about ‘getting involved’

Annual event Saturday in downtown Maple Ridge park.

GETI Fest organizer Gerry Pinel spent Wednesday putting up posters for the event.

GETI Fest organizer Gerry Pinel spent Wednesday putting up posters for the event.

“GET Involved” is the theme of this year’s GETI Fest this weekend.

The 6th annual event will be aimed at encouraging the community to build a vibrant, resilient and localized future.

“We are highlighting groups and organizations that are doing stuff in the community like the Kiwanis or the Eagles, along with a lot of other groups. It’s all about organizations that give back to the community,” said GETI organizer Gerry Pinel.

The Golden Ears Transition Initiative (GETI) is a part of a global “Transition Network” movement supporting actions that reduce oil dependence and promoting ecological sustainability.

There are 480 such initiatives in 47 countries, including 29 in Canada and 10 in B.C.

It is a volunteer-based organization that strives to find local solutions to global problems, such as peak oil, climate change, environmental degradation and food security.

What makes the Golden Ears Transition Initiative unique to others across the globe is the festival. It will have displays, music and entertainment, sectioned into five areas.

“Main Street” will highlight local businesses and organizations that give back to the community. “Village Square” will showcase GETI action groups, community groups and local sustainable businesses. “Artisan Village” will have local artisans and vendors, the Haney Farmers Market will have local food for sale. “The Station” will show the past, present and future of transportation, where everything from classic cars to electric concept cars and electric bikes will be on display.

The HUB will also be having a bicycle give-a-way.

New for the past two years has been a “Mind, Body and Spirit” tent, which will have meditation, yoga and Zumba demonstrations.

“It takes everybody working together in a community to make it strong and vibrant,” said Pinel, adding that the festival showcases the wonderful things that are happening in our community.

• GETI Fest takes place from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Sept. 17 at Memorial Peace Park, downtown Maple Ridge.

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