Uplift Canada will be collecting clothing donations in Maple Ridge on April 30, and giving them to shelters. (Special to The News)

Uplift Canada will be collecting clothing donations in Maple Ridge on April 30, and giving them to shelters. (Special to The News)

Group will take Maple Ridge clothing donations to shelter residents

Uplift Canada will be collecting in community on April 30

A group that takes clothing donations to people in need is coming to Maple Ridge, and they will collect donation bags right off your doorstep.

The Uplift Canada Foundation will be in the Maple Ridge area on April 30. Uplift is a youth-led, registered non-profit organization that up-cycles donated clothing, and gives it to shelters in the area.

And they are intentional about what donations they will take.

Group spokesperson Zoey Purvis explained Uplift is an all-encompassing NGO, because it works to alleviate environmental and social justice inequalities in a way that benefits both the giver and the receiver. By up-cycling clothing donations and ultimately supporting the circular economy, Uplift is alleviating the environmental damage being caused by clothing waste in landfills, and instead repurposing these items into a usable resource to those in need.

This month, they are asking Maple Ridge residents to clean out their closets and repurpose some unused items by collecting them into a bag, and leaving them on their doorstep for volunteers to pick up.

After consulting directly with staff from various B.C.-based shelters, they accept only the items shelter residents are requesting. In Maple Ridge it will be a variety of items needed. They will be accepting men’s and women’s pants, sweatpants, shirts, t-shirts, shoes and boots, sweaters, jackets and backpacks.

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“The Uplift Canada Foundation aims to foster equitable relationships with the shelters and citizens we collaborate with,” said Purvis. “As we primarily support individuals who are systemically over-represented in shelter housing situations, we believe in an intersectional, decolonizing approach to giving and receiving.”

In order to request a clothing donation pick-up, donors can fill out a form on our website at upliftcanadafoundation.org. There is also a tab for financial donations.

“We ask that residents leave items in a bag outside by their doorstep. This makes giving easy, while still respecting social distancing measures!” said Purvis.

The group was founded by Maggie Larocque, a fourth year, pre-law honours student at McGill University.

She is a Tsawwassen resident, and an active member of the Montreal community.

Last year, Uplift visited 11 different municipalities in B.C.’s Lower Mainland, and worked with seven shelters. In 2021, the group was able to save almost 5,500 pounds of clothing from shelters.

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