Growing debt in Pitt Meadows

Growing debt in Pitt Meadows

Financial statements released by the City of Pitt Meadows this past week show its debt spiked to more than $7 million in 2010 from $3.7 the previous year.

The city borrowed $4.7 million through long-term loans to fund upgrades to civic centre and purchase its ice arena, but also owes another $2.6 million, used to fund improvements to the hockey rink.

According to the financial statements, Coun. Deb Walters proved to be the biggest spender on council in 2010, claiming $7,443 in expenses, followed by Mayor Don MacLean, who drew a salary of $63,220 (up from $50,568 in 2009) and claimed $4,133 in expenses.

Coun. Gwen O’Connell was next with $3,034 in claimed expenses. Tracy Miyashita billed the city for $2,528, closely followed by Coun. Doug Bing, with $2,382.  Coun. Bruce Bell claimed $88, while Coun. John Becker had no expenses.

All councillors made $24,761, up from $19,802 the previous year.

Employee salaries cost the city a total of $3,905,922 in 2010. Fourteen city employees made more than $75,000 in 2010, while staff who made less accounted for $2.4 million in salaries.


Top earners

According to the 2010 statement of financial information, the top Pitt Meadows municipal earners:

• Jake Rudolph, CAO –$183,123;

• Kim Grout, director of operations  – $124,647;

• Dean Rear, director of finance – $117,183;

• Don Jolley, fire chief – $109.823;

• Laurie Darcus, director of corporate services – $99,274;

• Kate Zanon, CEO economic development – $97,909;

• James Lynn, manager of financial services – $96,137;

• Randy Evans, operations superintendent –$95,765;

• Lorna Jones, director of human resources – $94,222.

Full financial statements are available at