Guns seized from Maple Ridge home

Marc Wisdom facing 50 charges for possessing prohibited firearms including assault rifles, a machine gun and handgun

Guns seized from Maple Ridge home

A raid at a Maple Ridge residence that netted dozens of firearms has resulted in more than 50 criminal charges for a 41-year-old man.

Coquitlam RCMP’s Cpl. Jamie Chung said officers raided the home on June 12 and seized 33 weapons, an automatic Sten machine gun,  a fully automatic Galil assault rifle, an AK-74 assault rifle, a Glock 17 handgun, a taser, and an M1 Carbine.

The RCMP said other weapons found at the home included a butterfly knife, a grenade and 62 banned ammunition magazines.

The RCMP also seized body armour, 30,000 rounds of ammunition, 60,000 counterfeit DVDs and marijuana.

Marc Wisdom, 41, of Maple Ridge was in a Port Coquitlam court Thursday, Aug. 29 to face the 50-plus charges.