Hiker air-lifted from Golden Ears park

Hiker air-lifted from Golden Ears park

Coquitlam search team assists Ridge members in rescue.

Ridge Meadows Search and Rescue members helped air-lift a hiker out of Golden Ears Provincial Park on Sunday.

SAR was called about a hiker with an injured ankle somewhere between the nine- and 10-kilometre marker on the Golden Ears trail.

The subject slipped and injured himself around 8:30 a.m. He tried to walk out under his power and got as far as Steve’s Lookout, but couldn’t continue on any further, according to SAR.

“Talon Helicopters flew an Initial Response Team to locate and stabilize the subject. The initial plan was to bring him out in the helicopter or stretcher-carry him to a location where we could set the helicopter down and transfer him inside,” SAR wrote on its Facebook page.

“When it was determined that the stretcher carry would put the subject through some pretty gnarly terrain, the decision was made to have Talon fly to Coquitlam and pick up the Coquitlam SAR long-line team and have everyone long-lined out. This proved to be the first use of Coquitlam SAR’s newly purchased boost long-line system. We were able fly everyone out in two sling operations.”

The subject was handed over to BCAS and transported to Ridge Meadows Hospital for treatment.

“A big thanks to Coquitlam SAR and Kelsey from Talon Helicopters for a job well done.”