If you dig up roads, prepare to pay

Offset repair costs

Maple Ridge council has adopted a new bylaw imposing pavement restoration fees.

The money will be used to offset the cost to the district of re-surfacing roads broken up as a result of utility cuts from construction activities. “Any time you cut through asphalt, you reduce the life of the pavement,” said municipal engineer Andrew Wood.

“When a road is cut early in its life, it results in an accelerated need for replacement … which we would have to prematurely fund. It’s a lost opportunity cost and we’re looking to bridge that.”

Any person or company who excavates in, cuts or otherwise breaks the paved surface of a road in Maple Ridge will now be required to pay pavement restoration fees before starting their work. The amount owed is calculated on a sliding scale according to the age of the street since its last paving, and is applicable to every square metre of excavation area.

“It reflects council’s real desire for us to manage and plan assets better, and it also reflects their real desire to be sound financial stewards of public funds,” said Wood.

The new fees take effect July 1 and use the following sliding scale.

0-5 years – $41.79

6-10 years – $31.35

11-15 years – $20.90

16-20 years – $10.45

21 years plus – $0