John Becker

Candidates for Pitt Meadows mayor and council answer three questions for election.

  • Nov. 10, 2011 11:00 a.m.

Name: John Becker

Age: 56

Occupation: lawyer, business owner


Twitter: @EJohnBecker

Facebook: BeckerisBetter

Q1. What have you personally achieved, or what initiative have you personally led in recent years that qualifies you to be elected as mayor of Pitt Meadows?

1. I successfully lobbied the federal government for a $1 million grant to develop the Pitt Meadows artificial turf field and similarly lobbied the provincial government to help secure a $500,000 grant to build Pitt Meadows Spirit Square. I also advocated for the two local bridge improvements, the diking and drainage utility, and the South Bonson Community Centre.  I worked hard to bring the new senior’s facility to reality and continue to work on the long-term site plan for the civic centre.

2. How would you act on your top priorities as Pitt Meadows councillor?

2. My top priorities as mayor would include relieving transportation congestion, prudent fiscal management and maintaining a safe and sustainable community. To improve transportation and congestion, I will work diligently with our Metro partners to improve public transit and road networks. These initiatives, and many others, require good working relations with senior government partners. Prudent fiscal management requires that we keep focused on the core services for our citizens.  It is only after we plan and budget for our essential needs that we should look at our collective ‘wish list’ for additional projects. At this point, I would initiate new discussions about an overpass at the CPR tracks on Harris Road and the design and building costs of an indoor aquatic centre. I would seek support for a referendum on both these initiatives.

Q3.What is your position on the construction of the North Lougheed Connector and what kind of development should it serve?

3. The Agricultural Land Commission has not yet provided its comments on the three options contained in the report submitted by council.  I want to have a chance to consider the comments of the Agricultural Land Reserve before forming a final position on any of the proposals. I support the possibility of a mixed use development, excluding residential development. The proposals suggest land be excluded from the ALR and I have publicly stated that I do not support any such exclusions without a very convincing argument. Any land that is excluded from the ALR must be in the best interest of our community and of some benefit to agriculture, such as relief of commuter traffic through our farmlands.