Letter: How dare you ridicule climate strikers?

Letter: How dare you ridicule climate strikers?

Disagrees with columnist on protests

Editor, The News:

Good day, Tom.

I read this article, (School officials join fact-free climate strike, The News, Sept. 25 issue), and it really astonished me.

I’m surprised this opinion, in this day and age, would be allowed to print.

What you said is so regressive to what we should be doing for the environment. What kind of message are to trying to send here?

Are we to do nothing for control of climate change?

Do you think, in the case of forest fires, that higher-prolonged temperatures have nothing to do with frequency increase and degree of forest fires damage with many other related effects …?

Greta Thunberg and her movement are raising concern to a higher level, especially in youth, is exactly what is needed!

How dare you ridicule these actions and concerns of young people by degrading it to time off school!

Maybe you don’t care because you may not be alive long enough to see what can happen to the earth. However, these kids will see it if we don’t start, as a global community, fighting climate change by taking action, as practically as possible, now.

I studied environmental science and natural resources management back in the ’80s.

Exactly what I learned then, is happening now. When I tried to talk to people about those issues back in those days, to this day, however now to a lesser degree, I met with much the same attitude expressed in your article.

Exactly what we don’t need is this kind of ill-informed, one-sided, ignorant and perhaps politically motivated opinion. I’ve lost patience with this kind of rhetoric.

The best I could do, as a practical environmentalist, was work to grow trees. I helped grow about 360 million of them. I will continue to do my part for environmentalism, as practically as possible.

Tim Miron,

Pitt Meadows