Letter: Propaganda seems to be the norm these days

Letter: Propaganda seems to be the norm these days

Disagrees that the NDP holds the balance of power

Editor, The News:

I find it annoying and frustrating when I have to read more propaganda which seems to be the norm these days. Why? In Frank’s Bucholtz’ column, (“Priorities in a divided province following election,” The News, Oct. 30 issue) he mentions, that theoretically, the federal NDP holds the balance of power.

Hogwash. Why?

The Bloc Quebecois party won 32 seats in the federal parliament, winning third place, in comparison to the federal NDP winning 24 seats, winning fourth place.

Justin Trudeau lives in Quebec, and all he has to do is to keep the Bloc party on his side and then he has his majority of 189 seats.

Also, in this minority government, what the Bloc party wants from their election platform for Quebec is far less expensive than what the NDP want from their election platform.

The federal NDP once held official Opposition status with 103 seats, going down to 44 in the 2015 federal election, going down once again to 24 seats in the 2019 federal election.

The number one agenda for the federal NDP is to have an immediate leadership review. The federal NDP is history, and the pipeline will proceed in Alberta because the federal opposition party, the Conservatives, also want the pipeline to proceed.

In summary, facts and reality in commentaries, and an immediate stoppage to propaganda. Unbelievable.

Joe Sawchuk