Brooke Carter releases her third teen novel called Lucky Break. (Contributed)

Brooke Carter releases her third teen novel called Lucky Break. (Contributed)

Maple Ridge author talks teen trauma in latest book

Brooke Carter launches a sports-themed book called Lucky Break.

  • Sep. 9, 2018 10:00 a.m.

Inspired by her own experience with a sports-related injury, Maple Ridge author Brooke Carter launches her third novel, called Lucky Break.

“It’s a sports title about rugby, but it’s also about a teenage girl who is prone to anxiety and OCD. Her whole life revolves around rugby, and then she breaks her leg. So that sends her into a spiral, brings up past trauma and leaves her questioning who she is and how she will get through life if she can’t play rugby.”

Carter played on a women’s rugby league in Maple Ridge 10 years ago, when she broke her leg in two places.

“I completed destroyed my right leg. I broke it in two places and it was devastating. It’s kind of the inspiration for it, and also because not a lot of girls play rugby. But it really is a great sport for girls.”

The novel is also about relationships, dreams and overcoming obstacles.

Carter said the book targets a teen audience and would be of interest to those who aren’t keen on reading due to its action-driven plot.

“It’s a really action, high-paced read. I’d say it’s mostly for girls who like to read about sports, coming-of-age tales and romance.”

Another theme throughout the novel is mental health.

“I think a lot of teens struggle with that and I know I certainly did. A lot of teens in sports struggle with performance anxiety because of the pressure young people feel while trying to figure out their lives.”

Carter said she enjoys writing for a teen audience because when she sits down to think about a story, she thinks from a teenager’s point of view.

“Any time you have the chance to say something real about what it’s like to be a teen today, it’s a good thing to do. Teens and teen readers are so interesting. They are still in tune with their deepest heart’s desires and hopes and dreams. They aren’t grow up and boring and jaded yet.”

The cover of Lucky Break features Chanelle Edwards-Challenger from the University of Victoria Vikes rugby team.

Carter said Edwards-Challenger embodied her vision of character since the protagonist in Lucky Break is also a female rugby player.

A launch event is being hosted at Black Bond Books in Haney Place Mall on Sept. 22 from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m., where Carter will be giving away prizes including book sets, rugby gear and gift cards.

Carter is currently working on another novel that debuts next spring and is a teen romance.