Maple Ridge bouncer acquitted in bar assault

Judge finds Joe Calla did not cause Del Parent's injuries during a fight at the Wolf Bar in Maple Ridge

Kayla Steinhauser

Kayla Steinhauser

A bouncer has been found innocent of an assault at a Maple Ridge bar that left a father permanently brain damaged.

Justice Brenda Brown acquitted Joseph Robert Calla of one count of aggravated assault last week following a lengthy trial in New Westminster Supreme Court.

According to Crown, Brown was not satisfied that Calla’s actions injured Delane Parent.

Calla was charged with assault following a fight that took place outside the Wolf Bar, at 22336 Lougheed Highway in Maple Ridge, around 2 a.m. on June 13, 2010.

Parent and a friend had arrived at the Wolf just before it closed, but ended up getting into an argument with the bartender after he refused to serve them drinks.

Parent and his friend were turfed from the bar as a result.

The confrontation between Parent and another bouncer, David Garnet Andrew Hecker, escalated outside.

Calla maintained he only intervened to stop the fight.

Police were called and Parent was examined at the scene by paramedics after the alleged fight. He did not go to hospital because the injuries did not appear to be serious.

But two days later, on June 15, he was discovered lying semi-conscious in his living room by his brother André, who was called by his brother’s co-workers when Parent didn’t show up for work.

Doctors later discovered that Parent had suffered a dissection of his carotid artery, which caused a stroke.

Crown argued that Parent’s injuries were caused by a blow to his neck.

Parent now lives in a home with 24-hour supervision. He walks with a limp and is unable to write or sign his name. The stroke also paralyzed his right hand.

Parent attended the trial, but was unable to testify in court because the stroke has affected his speech and ability to process language.

Calla wasn’t the only bouncer to face charges in connection with the assault. Hecker was also charged with one count of aggravated assault. But the charge has since been stayed.

Police also used an undercover officer to gather evidence against Calla after he was arrested by planting the Mountie in his jail cell.