Maple Ridge man sues over phone numbers

Coleman Heating’s phone, fax numbers are now being used by Coolman Heating

Jeff Coleman is trying to get his phone numbers back from Coolman Heating.

Jeff Coleman is trying to get his phone numbers back from Coolman Heating.

A Maple Ridge business man is suing a competitor who is using three phone numbers previously assigned to his heating and air conditioning business for 12 years.

Jeff Coleman has been in business as Coleman Heating and Air Conditioning since 1998 and maintained more than 27,000 customers.

But when business dropped during the recession, he went into receivership and didn’t pay his phone bill for two months, causing his phone and fax line to be disconnected in March.

Coleman was told by Telus it would hold his phone numbers for up to two years.

But when he tried to reactivate the numbers less than a month later, Coleman found out they were no longer available.

He then discovered they were being used by a competitor with a similar name – Coolman Heating.

“He specifically asked for the three phone numbers,” said Coleman.

In the $100,000 lawsuit, Coleman claims Brad Galagan of Coolman Heating has turned down three attempts by him to discuss the matter.

The phone numbers have since been moved to another company.

He says Galagan is currently benefiting from advertising in the Yellow Pages, on stickers, billboards and the warranty certificates for more than 12,792 customers.

“That’s why I’m suing him for $100,000 so far and the bill climbs every single day,” said Coleman.

“I have probably spent about $3 million in the last decade and this person is reaping the benefits.”

Although Coolman Heating answered both phone numbers, they refused a request for comment.