(Contributed)                                Tantalus Labs operates in east Maple Ridge.

(Contributed) Tantalus Labs operates in east Maple Ridge.

Maple Ridge marijuana greenhouse wants to expand

Council has asked for legal advice on permits

Council is asking for legal advice before it considers approving expansion of Tantalus Labs cannabis greenhouse in east Maple Ridge.

Public works manager Frank Quinn told council’s April 2 workshop that the company is seeking to expand its operation on 272nd Street from 60,000 sq. feet to 100,000 sq. feet.

The Agricultural Land Commission ruled last month, after an appeal by Tantalus, that a non-farm use application is not required to expand.

Quinn added that staff are still hearing concerns from residents about light, noise and occasionally odour from the site, and that the city has told the company it has to address those concerns.

Tantalus Labs has said it will install blinds to curb some of the light pollution from the greenhouse by the end of the month.

“It’s our sense that council … would like to see a greater commitment from Tantalus Labs to address these issues,” Quinn said.

Mayor Mike Morden said the issue is prompting lots of response on both sides, adding there have been impacts on the community and that more information is needed before any future expansion takes place.

“I hear so many concerns for the operation of this facility,” added Coun. Kiersten Duncan. “It doesn’t seem like any of them have been properly addressed.”

Tantalus CEO Dan Sutton said that his company has always acted in accordance with the city’s permits and bylaws “and looks forward to the positive resolution of this enhanced scrutiny.”

He said his company would never start a construction project without first obtaining full permitting and bylaw compliance.

“We are ready to meet the expectations of city hall and our community and are simply seeking guidance from the mayor on what he wants to see from us to satisfy their expectations,” Sutton said Tuesday.

He said the company hopes to help the area through job creation, charitable donation and farming innovation.


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