Meeting about power of cell towers

People worried about the health effects and visual pollution of cellphone towers can have their say and get some expertise on the topic next week at a meeting organized by their local MLA.Maple Ridge-Pitt Meadows representative Michael Sather is bringing in three people to address the topic at the Ridge Meadows Seniors Activity Centre on 224th Street, March 9 from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m.He’s acting in response to complaints about a tower that was put up in a field at 210th Street and 128th Avenue and proposals for others that could follow.A homeowner who’s had to live beside two of towers is on the speaker’s list, as well as a consultant plus a representative from Citizens for Safe Technology.The issue is a complicated one governed by Industry Canada with limited input from local municipalities on where a cell tower is installed.Also on the agenda are the possible health effects of wireless routers located in schools and classrooms.The main issue is the safety of the technology, Sather says.“I talked to Health Canada and there is conflicting evidence.”He said some studies he looked at said there could be health concerns, so that’s why he called the meeting.He pointed out that some municipalities say cell towers can’t be up on speculation and can only be built if there is a contract for a cell company to use the tower.“I think we’re looking at a proliferation of technology now. People are concerned how many of these are there going to be.”