Missing snake could be in Fleetwood Park

Missing snake could be in Fleetwood Park

The owner hopes to be reunited with his boa constrictor

If you plan on going for a walk in Fleetwood Park, you might want to watch your step.

The owner of a five-foot-long albino boa constrictor snake is searching for his pet after it went missing three days ago.

Travis Pete said his pet snake, Snow, broke out of her cage and disappeared, he lives near the north east corner of Fleetwood Park, which is by the 160 Street and 80 Avenue intersection.

“One of the plastic pieces on the cage that I bought from the store broke off, so it must have gotten lose,” Pete told Peace Arch News Saturday. “I looked under everything and all over the house.”

Pete posted flyers around the neighbourhood and Fleetwood Park letting the community know of the lost animal.

“It’s albino, it could have gotten eaten by predators, I do have raccoon’s that live in the front of my yard… but I don’t see anything going on around here,” he said.

The white and yellow snake may be in the trees, hiding underneath foliage, or basking in the sun, he said.

If a resident spots the snake, Pete asked that they call him immediately and do not try to touch the animal as it hasn’t had much exposure to people.

Pete can be reached at 604-365-9140.