Boaters on Pitt Lake. (THE NEWS/files)

Boaters on Pitt Lake. (THE NEWS/files)

Most boaters in complaince on Maple Ridge and Pitt Meadows waterways

Ridge Meadows RCMP handed out seven warnings in July

It’s been a quiet summer so far for police on the local waterways.

Every summer, the Ridge Meadows RCMP seasonal policing initiative does extra patrols in Golden Ears park and on Alouette and Pitt lakes.

In July, RCMP checked a total of 36 boats and 29 of those were in full compliance with the Canadian Shipping Act.

The other seven were issued warnings about boating licences, water skiing spotters, having a flashlight on board, a heavy line and having a whistle on board.

“Some of the things that we were finding that were missing with our boaters, they weren’t as significant, but they are certainly important because there is a lot of is a lot of responsibility that comes when you are out on the waterways,” said Sgt. Brenda Gresiuk.

RCMP sign up for the extra shifts that are done on top of their regular shifts with the detachment.

In addition to focusing on Transport Canada safety checks and the Canadian Shipping Act, RCMP members are also enforcing the Criminal Code, which includes the impaired operation of a motor vehicle or vessel.

So far there have been no criminal code investigations resulting from the initiative.

Gresiuk says members are also handing our Slurpee coupons to children exhibiting safe behaviour, including wearing their life jackets properly.

“We are finding a lot of compliance and a lot of people just really enjoying the great outdoors that Maple Ridge has to offer,” she said.

Transport Canada has a boating safety app that gives information about the key rules, guidelines and best practices for boaters to stay safe on the water. A safe boating guide can also be downloaded at