A pair of mountain lions or cougars have been spotted recently around Maple Ridge. (WildSafeBC)

A pair of mountain lions or cougars have been spotted recently around Maple Ridge. (WildSafeBC)

Mountain lions spotted in Maple Ridge

The pair likely a mother and cub

A pair of mountain lions have been spotted around Maple Ridge.

Dan Mikolay, the WildsafeBC coordinator for Maple Ridge, posted online about the two large cats on Wednesday, saying the mother and her cub likely ventured into an urban area to avoid toms, or male mountain lions, who will attack her cub.

He said the mother is teaching the cub how to catch raccoons and other wildlife.

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According to WildSafeBC, a mountain lion or cougar is the largest of the three wild cat species in Canada. Not only are they known as mountain lions, they are also known as pumas and panthers. They primarily feed on deer.

There have been two cougar attacks in Port Moody over the last week.

On Thursday a cougar attacked a three-month-old German shepherd near Belcarra Regional Park – that was on a leash – and took off with the puppy. Another pet dog died following an attack earlier in the week.

If you encounter a cougar while hiking, stay calm and never run. Make yourself look as large as possible and back away slowly, keeping the cougar in view the whole time and allowing a clear exit for the cougar. Children and small pets should be picked up immediately.

Mikolay also reminded residents that bears are coming out of hibernation and to secure attractants like garbage and bird feeders by keeping them inside.

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“Attractants bring in non-predator animals like deer, raccoons and rats which attracts predators like mountain lions, coyotes and bears,” he wrote in the post.

He also reminded people to keep dogs on leash as predators will see them as potential prey if they wander away.

To report a cougar sighting in an urban area or a cougar showing unusual or aggressive behaviour, call the Conservation Officer Service at 1-877-952-7277.

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