Police were at Samuel Robertson Technical on Halloween last year, as well. (Contributed)

Police were at Samuel Robertson Technical on Halloween last year, as well. (Contributed)

UPDATED: ‘My son was assaulted at SRT on Halloween night’

Teen found unresponsive during large gathering at high school, has concussion and broken wrist.

A Maple Ridge mother said her son was hospitalized after an assault near a Maple Ridge high school on Halloween night.

He has a concussion, as well as a broken wrist and finger.

The mother, Alicia Lansdell, said a group of approximately 100 teens gathered at Samuel Robertson Technical school, off 104th Avenue in Albion, and police arrived to get the situation under control.

“In the background of this, my son was found unresponsive on the side of the road,” she said. “Many people saw him and got police. They did CPR and sent him to hospital.”

Lansdell said her son was assaulted and hit twice in the head. He knew his attacker, who left the scene, she added.

“They left him there and walked off.”

An ambulance attended and paramedics performed CPR.

She said people assumed he might have overdosed on drugs, because he wasn’t breathing.

However, she added, he has the injuries to prove the assault.

In addition to the concussion and broken bones, he has bruising behind his ear and down his neck.

“When he fell, he chipped a tooth.”

Ridge Meadows RCMP Sgt. Brenda Gresiuk said police are not investigating an assault at the scene.

She confirmed police did disperse a large group of youths who were setting off fireworks by SRT, and that they were compliant. No one was arrested.

“We had no reports of an assault,” said Gresiuk.

However, Lansdell said police attended the hospital. Her son told them the name of his attackers.

“Police didn’t really do anything. At the hospital, they updated us and left. No card. No name of the officer. No file number. He just left.”

She said a drug test was done at the hospital and came back negative.

“Alcohol was in his system, but the head blows rendered him unconscious. He wasn’t breathing and CPR was done when he was found on the side of the road.”

She said her son had been at a friend’s house and had a few drinks. They went to SRT, but those he went with left, and he was then attacked.

She now has a file number and the family intends to pursue charges.

There was a similar large gathering of youth at the school on Halloween night 2017, with reports of a group as large as 150 laughing and throwing firecrackers.


More bruising. (Contributed).

More bruising. (Contributed).