The Benchmark Botanics greenhouse in Pitt Meadows will be about the size of three sporting fields. (Contributed)

The Benchmark Botanics greenhouse in Pitt Meadows will be about the size of three sporting fields. (Contributed)

New pot greenhouse sprouting in Pitt Meadows

Three football fields in size, owned by Benchmark Botanics

Benchmark Botanics is developing a 174,000 square foot greenhouse for growing cannabis in Pitt Meadows.

Benchmark Botanics is a licenced producer of cannabis for the medical and adult-use recreational markets, and recently announced its subsidiary, Potanicals Green Growers, has signed a licenced producer supply agreement for non-medical cannabis with the province.

The company has a head office in Richmond and other growing and processing operations in Peachland. However, it says the Pitt Meadows greenhouse, located on a five-acre parcel, will be its primary cultivation facility when completed.

Pitt Meadows council has asked senior government for a veto over cannabis growing operations in the city, and in September 2018 expressed fears that some 20 greenhouses in the city could impact downtown residents with odours if converted to marijuana cultivation.

The new greenhouse will be the size of about three sporting fields – a football field is 58,000 square feet. There are cannabis producers in Canada with more than a million square feet for cultivation.

Benchmark Botanics is celebrating its supply agreement.

“We are extremely pleased to have achieved another major milestone and to further evolve the overall growth of the organization,” said William Ying, Benchmark’s CEO.

“Benchmark is very proud to have the credentials and capabilities to offer British Columbians safe, high-quality products. We are excited to work with partners that now includes the Province of British Columbia to help ensure the success of new adult-use recreational cannabis markets.”

In addition to the bulk sale licence, in July 2019 Benchmark received notification from Health Canada it had been granted a sales licence for sale for medical purposes, and a licence for standard processing authorizing the sales of cannabis plants, seeds and dried cannabis products.

Benchmark can sell into provincial recreational supply chains and make direct online sales to medical cannabis clients.

The company’s business plan includes a strategy to become a licensed producer to pioneer selling medical cannabis and hemp throughout Asia.



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