Nine earn $100,000-plus

CAO KimGrout tops Pitt salaries with a yearly income of $164,000.

City Hall in Pitt Meadows has nine people earning salaries over $100,000, according to the recently released SOFI report, reviewed by city council.

In its annual statement of financial information, the municipality must include the names of all employees whose salaries, benefits and expenses exceed $75,000.

Atop the payroll structure is chief administrative officer Kim Grout, who has a salary of $164,000, benefits of $22,000 and was paid $10,000 for expenses.

Director of fire services Don Jolley had a salary of $124,000 and $1,700 in benefits.

Mark Roberts, director of finance and facilities, was paid $123,000 in salary and $7,000 in benefits.

In the pay grade beneath that, the municipality had six other employees with a base salary in the $105,000 to $107,000 range, including assistant fire chiefs Robert Chatton and Brad Perrie, operations superintendent Randy Evans, manager of financial planning Cheryl Harding, director of human resources Lorna Jones and business analyst Dave Philp.