Local schools will benefit from gaming funds for parent advisory councils. (Maple Ridge Secondary School/File photo)

Local schools will benefit from gaming funds for parent advisory councils. (Maple Ridge Secondary School/File photo)

Pitt Meadows and Maple Ridge school parent groups receive gaming funds

The provincial government announced funding for 1,300 groups

The parent groups at local schools will be getting gaming funds, the provincial government announced.

The Maple Ridge and Pitt Meadows School District and some private school PACs received funding.

More than 1,300 parent advisory councils (PACs) and district parent advisory councils (DPACs) in the province are receiving funding through Community Gaming Grants in the 2020-21 school year. Schools receive funding each year through PACs and DPACs to fund activities that benefit the social, cultural and physical health and well-being of students.

“This has been a difficult year for everyone, and I’d like to acknowledge the hard work and creativity of parent advisory councils, which have worked tirelessly to find ways to continue to safely engage students in extracurricular activities,” said Josie Osborne, minister of Municipal Affairs. “These activities contribute significantly to students’ health and wellness by providing opportunities to connect, play and learn.”

Students in K-12 receive support for extracurricular experiences such as student publications, grad ceremonies and sports or playground equipment as well as writing, drama and music clubs through Community Gaming Grant funds.

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“Currently it is very difficult for PACs to raise funds in their communities,” said Andrea Sinclair, president, BC Confederation of Parent Advisory Councils. “Continued financial support from Community Gaming Grants enables PACs/DPACs to reduce the burden on parents at the school level and ensures PACs can continue to support activities for students and parents, which will be much needed in the coming year.”

The Community Gaming Grants program distributes $140 million each year to support approximately 5,000 not-for-profit community organizations throughout the province.

The program has made it a condition that all grant funding this year complies with the provincial health officer’s orders and provides flexibility for organizations to delay project and service delivery until they can do so safely.

“Now more than ever, we need to support our kids so they can safely participate in activities that promote their physical, social and emotional well-being,” said Jennifer Whiteside, minister of Education. “While things look different this year, B.C. PACs are doing wonderful work to ensure students have extracurricular outlets where they connect with each other and share the things they enjoy together.”

Every year, commercial gaming revenue funds essential government programs and services, including health care, education, justice and social services.

Up to $140 million of gaming revenue benefits communities through the 5,000 organizations that the Community Gaming Grants program supports each year.

Community Gaming Grants provide funding to arts and culture groups, sports, environment, public safety, human and social services, as well as PACs in schools throughout B.C.

There has been no change to the Community Gaming Grants program budget for 2020-21.

To support vulnerable British Columbians during the COVID-19 crisis, the Province provided a $3-million emergency grant from the Community Gaming Grants program to Food Banks British Columbia in March 2020

• Albion Elementary School PAC: $8,760.00

• Alexander Robinson Elementary School PAC: $10,480.00

• Alouette Elementary School PAC: $9,140.00

• Blue Mountain Elementary PAC: $5,720.00

• District Parent Advisory Council S.D. #42 – Maple Ridge-Pitt Meadows: $2,500.00

• Fairview Elementary School PAC: $7,460.00

• Garibaldi Secondary School P.A.C.: $18,960.00

• Glenwood Elementary School P.A.C.: $7,220.00

• Golden Ears Elementary School PAC: $10,680.00

• Hammond Parents Consultative Committee: $8,000.00

• Harry Hooge Elementary School PAC: $8,960.00

• James Cameron School Parent Support Group: $760.00

• Kanaka Creek Elementary School PAC: $10,700.00

• L’Ecole Elementaire Eric Langton Elementary School PAC Association: $8,760.00

• Laity View Home & School Association: $12,980.00

• Maple Ridge Elementary School PAC: $8,280.00

• Maple Ridge Secondary PAC: $23,180.00

• Meadowridge Parent Guild: $13,040.00

• Samuel Robertson Technical Senior Secondary School PAC: $15,560.00

• St. Patrick’s Parent Support Group: $5,180.00

• Thomas Haney Secondary P.A.C.: $22,920.00

• Webster’s Corner Elementary School PAC: $2,540.00

• Westview Secondary School P.A.C.: $15,220.00

• Whonnock Elementary School PAC: $5,380.00

• Yennadon Elementary School Home & School Association: $12,300.00

• Environmental School Project PAC: $2,140.00

• District 42 Alternate Secondary PAC: $3,300.00

• C’usqunela Parent Advisory Council: $9,140.00

• Davie Jones Elementary PAC: $6,800.00

• Edith McDermott Elementary PAC: $6,840.00

• Highland Park Elementary School P.A.C.: $6,960.00

• Pitt Meadows Elementary School PAC: $11,300.00

•Pitt Meadows Secondary School P.A.C.: $18,340.00


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