Pitt Meadows dikes to become off-leash areas

Recreation director says having pets run free won't affect other users

Fido can free on Pitt Meadows dikes as long as he behaves.

Fido can free on Pitt Meadows dikes as long as he behaves.

Dog owners will soon be able to walk their pets off leash on a long stretch of in Pitt Meadows dikes.

At a committee meeting June 11, council approved a 5.8-kilometre section of trails stretching from the Pitt River Bridge to the north end of Harris Road as an off-leash area.

Director of parks and facilities David Boag told council staff patrolled the dikes from 216th Street in Maple Ridge to the Pitt River Bridge and have determined allowing dogs to run free will have a minimal impact on other trail users.































Council supported adding the off-leash areas, but have directed staff to educate dog owners, add more garbage cans and signs. Council also requested that staff provide an update on the success of the two off-leash areas in one year.

“The addition of designated off leash areas on the dike trails will provide dog owners with legitimate access to one of the most desirable dog walking experiences,” said Boag in his report to council.

Staff believe it will also keep dogs out of children’s playgrounds and parks.

Council was set to formally endorse the new off-leash areas at its regular meeting on Tuesday.


Fill site approved

Pitt Meadows has approved an application by a developer to truck fill to a site where homes will be built.

The Onni Group of Companies needs to raise the 4.6 hectare (11.4 acre) property at 19451 Sutton Avenue to meet the city’s requirements for building in the flood plain.

Onni estimates it needs 18,859 loads to fill the site, with work expected to be complete in one year.

Over a year, there will be 37,718 truck trips to and from the site or 290 trips per day.

Council approved the application at its committee meeting last week and was scheduled to formally endorse it at a regular meeting Tuesday.

Fill will be truck to the site via Airport Way and the city will receive $4 for each truck load.

The road will be swept daily and trucks will be only be allowed to access the site between 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday to Saturday.