The Pitt Meadows firehall is coming together. (Neil Corbett/The News)

The Pitt Meadows firehall is coming together. (Neil Corbett/The News)

Pitt Meadows firehall slated for completion late 2022, early 2023

City council reviews time-lapse images of progress on the new building

The new Pitt Meadows firehall is on pace for completion late this year, or early in 2023, city council heard during an update on the project at their May 10 meeting.

Kasra Vahidi, project manager, talked to council about the new building that will house the fire department, emergency operations centre, and training facilities.

He noted there has been “significant progress” on the site since the last update, which was five months ago. Work accomplished so far, or ongoing, includes wood framing, structural steel, building envelope, slab-on-grade, radiant floor heating and mechanical and electrical rough-ins.

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Once the latter work is completed, builders can begin with the installation of equipment and fixtures, which have arrived in the city. The second quarter of 2022 will see this work begun, as well as windows, doors, roofing and wood framing, with interior finishes happening in the third quarter.

Given the progress, he said the amount of the contingency funding remaining is reasonable, considering the size of the project.

Coun. Nicole MacDonald noted the emergency operations centre being included in the building was a good decision.

“I just wanted to stress how important and forward-thinking that was,” said MacDonald. “Here we have the emergency ops centre, teamed up with our fire and rescue service, out of the flood plain, and we’re seeing, particularly over the last year, with all the climate emergencies and flooding, atmospheric rivers… how important that is for Pitt Meadows, Maple Ridge and Katzie First Nation.”

The new building replaces an old fire hall that opened in 1983, and was no longer meeting the needs of the fire department. It is a three-storey building of just over 25,000 square feet, with a four-storey hose tower, and four tandem bays.

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