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Pitt Meadows gets $26,000 towards active transportation planning

Program will help the city apply for an infrastructure grant in the future

City of Pitt Meadows is one of the 29 local and Indigenous governments to get an active-transportation network planning grant, that will help it apply to an infrastructure grant in the future.

According to the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure, “The City of Pitt Meadows will receive $26,013 for the development of an Active Transportation Network Plan.”

Network plans are an eligibility requirement for infrastructure funding through the grant program. The government also announced 33 Indigenous and local governments who will be getting active transportation infrastructure funding.

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“We know that people are enthusiastic about using active transportation as an affordable, safe, climate-friendly and enjoyable way to get around,” said Rob Fleming, Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure.

“That’s why we’re making these investments in safe bike routes, walking paths and other local active-transportation infrastructure. This program is one of many ways we’re working to create more liveable and better-connected communities all across B.C.”

Mayor Bill Dingwall also expressed his happiness over the grant and said that active transportation was a key priority for council.

”Our goal is to encourage a livable, healthy and environmentally responsible community through the promotion of active modes of transportation and to reduce congestion throughout our city with improved infrastructure and accessible, affordable, alternative forms of transportation,” he said.

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