Pitt Meadows (File photo)

Pitt Meadows (File photo)

Pitt Meadows property tax payment deadline moved to October 1

Late tax payment will receive a 10 per cent penalty

Pitt Meadows has extended the property tax payment penalty date to Oct. 1.

However, this year, there will be a single late tax payment penalty of 10 per cent that will be applied to all property taxes not paid before the new deadline.

City council voted unanimously for the deadline extension at a meeting on Tuesday, May 5, that will include all property classes, including residential properties and farms.

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“We understand that this is a challenging time for individuals, families and businesses in our community” said Mayor Bill Dingwall.

“Extending the late payment penalty date is an additional way that we are helping community members to ease the financial burden caused by COVID-19,” he added.

Usually, a five-per-cent penalty is applied to unpaid taxes the day after the taxes are due, and an additional five-per-cent penalty is applied to unpaid taxes on Aug. 1.

But city council and staff are hoping this measure will help community members who are struggling financially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

And, they are encouraging residents to pay their taxes by the due date, “to ensure that the City has sufficient cash flow to operate without borrowing from reserves,” said the city’s chief administrative officer Mark Roberts.

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Property owners over the age of 55 or families with children do have the option of applying for the property tax deferment program through the Province – a low interest loan program to help homeowners pay their property taxes on their principle residence.

In 2019, around 290 Pitt Meadows property owners deferred their property taxes, said a press release from the city.

The city is also offering a monthly pre-payment plan for next year’s property taxes which may be started at any time. Currently around 12 per cent of property owners are already registered in the program.

Municipal taxes are due July 2.



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