Pitt Meadows man attacked on Lougheed Highway

Pitt Meadows man attacked on Lougheed Highway

Ridge Meadows RCMP not sure if road rage incident

Lee Mcnish was on his way to go shopping with his girlfriend Wednesday morning when he saw a motorist driving erratically as he waited to make a left turn into Meadowtown Centre. Mcnish went up to the vehicle and tapped on the window, telling the motorist to slow down or he could kill somebody.

It wasn’t a heated argument nor was there any yelling and the other driver never got out his car.

But as Mcnish was getting back into his pickup truck, he was hit from behind, and knocked to the pavement. From there, his attacker rained down blows to the back of his head, in the middle of traffic.

“He just hit me from behind,” said Mcnish, a Pitt Meadows resident. “He just lost his …

“He was just on my back.”

Mcnish was knocked unconscious and didn’t know how long the attack went on but said the man returned to his vehicle, then came back to Mcnish’s pickup truck – and loaded the unconscious Mcnish into the back of his pickup. “I’m still out cold,” he said.

A bystander helped him get his truck to the mall parking lot and he went to Ridge Meadows Hospital, followed by tests at Royal Columbian Hospital in New Westminster.

Despite the blows, and staples now in his skull, and stitches in his lip, Mcnish suffered no permanent damage for which he’s thankful, after recently getting out of hospital following a motorcycle accident.

After the incident, people came up as potential witnesses but no one stepped in to stop the attack. “He was lucky he didn’t kill me,” he said. He’s talked to Ridge Meadows RCMP who haven’t yet found a suspect.

“We are investigating an alleged incident that occurred. At this point, we don’t what it is. We’re still talking to witnesses. We do know it’s all over Facebook. We’re still trying to get to the bottom of what happened,” said Const. Julie Klaussner with Ridge Meadows RCMP.

She couldn’t comment on the extent of any injuries adding they only know that an altercation occurred.

She added that police are not categorizing it as a road rage incident.


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