The rental property on Bosonworth Avenue. (Michael Hall/THE NEWS)

The rental property on Bosonworth Avenue. (Michael Hall/THE NEWS)

Police surround rental house in east Maple Ridge

Langley RCMP execute search warrant in relation to robbery.

Bosonworth Avenue in east Maple Ridge was shut down for a lengthy period Friday as police executed a search warrant at a rental house.

Numerous black police vehicles still lined the street in the afternoon, while an armoured vehicle and a fire truck were present.

Multiple neighbours reported hearing numerous loud bangs that sounded like guns shots or tear gas being fired.

They said police had been in the area for more than a week and that a man rented the home. They heard police ask an occupant to come out.

One neighbour said he could smell tear gas.

Officers in green camouflage and black outfits remained on scene. Firefighters carried a large, industrial fan inside the house, for which blinds at the front were bent back or broken.

A sign on the front of the property read that the property is up for redevelopment.

Listing agent Paul Hayes doesn’t know who occupied the house, but said it had been rented to the latest tenant for about a month.

Sgt. Brenda Gresiuk confirmed that Ridge Meadows RCMP and an emergency response team assisted Langley police in their investigation.

Langley RCMP Cpl. Holly Largy said police showed up at the home in the 25500-block of Bosonworth Ave. around 9 a.m. to execute a search warrant in relation to a robbery that occurred some time ago.

Largy said no shots were fired and the sounds neighbours heard were probably “flash bangs.”

ERT was present as police felt weapons may be on site, she added.

As it turned out, no one was in the house, nor was anyone arrested.

“No one has been taken into custody.”

Largy said the investigation continues.

Police remained on site after 3 p.m., although some of the black police vehicles left.


Firefighters carry a fan into the house. (Michael Hall/THE NEWS)

Firefighters carry a fan into the house. (Michael Hall/THE NEWS)