The old building next to Garibaldi secondary is being torn down. (Facebook)

The old building next to Garibaldi secondary is being torn down. (Facebook)

Popular high school hangout in Maple Ridge being demolished

Former students share memories.

A popular hangout next to Garibaldi secondary in east Maple Ridge is being remembered fondly by past students as it is to be torn down to make room for new development.

“When [I] was a ‘baldi, it was Sumac, it’s where we spent break and lunch … It’s getting ripped down for a new commercial development,” Jenn Granholm wrote on the Garibaldi secondary Facebook page.

“Yep it was the Sumac Scrubs,” added Sean Katrynuik.

“It was Mavis’s cafe, I believe, that was the name lol … when I started grade 8, then it changed to Sumac after grade 9 for my years. Mavis used to let us smoke our cigarettes and some would light up other stuff (wink wink) while we played torcher and what not lol … she would NOT let teachers on the property and windows were tinted, so ya , skipping out hanging out was easy lol,” wrote Shari Hurst.

“I think it was the blue mountain cafe,” said Ashlee June Nelson.

“That’s sad,” Dee Bell Buurman said of the building being torn down.

“Another piece of haney history gone … too many great memories at this store … 1960-1975. We grew up in the ‘hood … lol … all our mustang bikes parked out front, getting penny candy … sad day,” said David Leverrier.

“I used to go there all the time. Lived just down the street. Loved going there because (John, I think his name was at the time) sold Spice Girl gum and lollipops … also had worms in dirt and the worms are hard lol … Good memories though,” said Amanda Cockroft.

“It was john great burgers,” wrote Sean Bolan.

“Doughnuts, .75 [cents]. Wow,” said Scott Susin.

“Fries with salt and vinegar, yummy,” added Arne Baron.

“Ahhh the smoking out front day. Miss those lol,” said Thomas Glen Pennington, adding he spent a lot of time playing pinball games on lunch hour there.

“I remember the cheeseburgers from there and buying smokes from John,” said Jessie Campbell.

“And Steve the smoke man ( .25 [cents] for a smoke)… lol … I wonder whatever happened to him?” said Diana Kauppinen.