Rick Kreklewetz

Rick Kreklewetz is a certified management accountant with more than 20 years of senior management experience in the finance industry

  • Nov. 10, 2011 8:00 a.m.
Rick Kreklewetz

Rick Kreklewetz

Name: Rick Kreklewetz

Age: 52

Occupation:  assistant vice-president and controller, Peoples Trust Company

1. What have you personally achieved, or what initiative have you personally led in recent years that qualifies you to be elected or re-elected as a councillor?

1: I am a certified management accountant with more than 20 years of senior management experience in the finance industry and a proven track record of success. I have held senior level positions with credit unions in both the Fraser Valley and Okanagan. I have the skill set that would make me an effective councillor for Pitt Meadows.  With proactive leadership, sound decision-making abilities, and a thorough understanding of budgeting and finance, I will ensure we succeed and prosper.  Throughout my career, I have always been very focused and achievement-oriented, and will bring the same level of commitment and passion working as a councillor for the residents and businesses of Pitt Meadows.

2. How would you act on your top priorities as Pitt Meadows councillor?

2. As a councillor, I would immediately immerse my attention into all current and pending issues and concerns within the community. Based on my experience, a hands-on-through investigation is required to develop an understanding and appreciation for any new project, or coming into a new position, particularly when it involves the residents and businesses of this community. My next objective would be to prioritize and implement an action plan to ensure we address and create a resolution to all issues. I would also introduce a balanced and more refined approach to strategic planning, one that focuses on accountability and measures performance and results to ensure our initiatives and objectives are achieved. We must apply performance standards for new projects in order to make sound, rational budgeting decisions, and examine our existing facilities and programs. We cannot afford to extend resources to projects that consistently do not meet our expectations and are not fiscally responsible. They must be evaluated and re-structured to reduce operating costs and make them viable.

3. What is your position on the construction of the North Lougheed Connector and what kind of development should it serve?

3. At this point, the best use of  the North Lougheed Corridor is contained in concept B of the land-use study. This plan would preserve our agricultural land, and gives consideration to the growth of our residential, retail and commercial interests, and is one that may be financially viable.  We need to investigate opportunities that could provide federal and provincial funding and develop partnerships with businesses to help reduce costs. The project must also generate employment for our residents.