Ridge Meadows RCMP warn retailers of refund scam

Involves distracting merchants during credit card purchase

RCMP are warning of a credit card scam. (Contributed)

RCMP are warning of a credit card scam. (Contributed)

Ridge Meadows RCMP are warning merchants to be aware of some quick-fingered scam artists seeking a quick and phoney refund.

Police said they had received reports of two men going into a store and buying something. While using a credit card to pay for it, one of the men will increase the original price of the item on the point-of-sale machine, while the second distracts the merchant. One man then returns to the store a short time later claiming he was overcharged and asks for a refund.

Police says sometimes a child accompanies the man or at other times, a man and woman are working together.

Police advise retailers to:

• Report all suspicious activity to police immediately

• Instruct staff to not leave the point of sale area until transactions are complete

• Watch and monitor all transactions as they are taking place

• Wait until transactions are completed before answering other questions or moving to other areas of the store

• Review all transactions for accuracy immediately upon sale completion