School zones back in force in Maple Ridge

School zones back in force in Maple Ridge

30 kmh limit on school days, around schools

Summer is over so ease off the gas a bit, because you can’t drive as fast past schools when classes are in session.

Ridge Meadows RCMP asked motorists Tuesday to give themselves extra time to get where they’re going so they don’t have to speed, break the law and get ticketed.

The speed limit during school zone hours, which is between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m., on school days, is 30 kmh. The same goes for playgrounds, in which case the speed limit is 30 kmh from dawn to dusk, every day of the year.

Ridge Meadows RCMP had one speed trap set up on Tuesday on River Road and 207th Street to nab motorists who might be speeding past Maple Ridge elementary.

Speed Watch volunteers are also due to set up shop on road sides later this week.

ICBC this week is also launching its “take a break from the phone” campaign this month to reduce distracted driving. People on cellphones or otherwise distracted are now killing more people each year than drunk drivers, says ICBC. About 78 fatalites are caused each year by distracted driving.