Should filming be permitted in South Bonson area, Osprey Village and Park area?

City of Pitt Meadows seeking community feedback

Filming in Osprey Village, before it was prohibited. (The NEWS/files)

Filming in Osprey Village, before it was prohibited. (The NEWS/files)

The City of Pitt Meadows is looking into its filming policy that restricts filming in the South Bonson area, and prohibits filming in Osprey Village and Park area, and wants citizens’ input on what they feel should happen going forward.

The city said that its Filming Policy (C028) hot spot designation is under review, and has now opened up a survey to come up with possible ideas on restrictions and controls that could be put in place to support a positive experience with filming moving forward from its residents and businesses, starting Sept. 20 until Oct. 11.

While the city recognized the economic benefits of having the film industry in the community, it also has some reservations such as disruption to parking, access to businesses and enjoyment of the location for locals.

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The survey will help the city staff and the council determine what the next steps should be. Feedback received will be presented to the Council during a Council meeting after the survey deadline, along with recommendations from staff.

The survey is available to take online and people are encouraged to visit:

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